Excess Clothing

A contemporary man who works as a model loves fashion and has a hobby of shopping for clothes. Every day he always took the time to go to the clothing store and if he found the right clothes he would buy it. One day the wardrobe was full. Incidentally, when he saw on social media there was a movement to donate clothes for flood and fire victims. He also donated clothes that he was tired of wearing. For two years there were no more floods and fires, but the model still has a crazy hobby of shopping. Him wardrobe was full again and he was confused. Finally he decided to burn his own house and the fire spread throughout the complex. Luckily he has secured him clothes which he can donate to himself and about him neighbors who were victims of the fire as well.

Bungee Jumping

A pregnant woman is on an excursion with her husband. She went to a cliff with her husband. This pregnant woman really likes things that stimulate adrenaline. She went to the cliff to do a bungee jumping. She could hardly wait for his body to swing on the cliff. Her husband tried first to make sure the rides were safe. After that, it was the mother’s turn to jump. She was so enthusiastic that he shouted out loud. The mother was so enthusiastic, she even hit so hard. Her amniotic water flowed like a waterfall. Soon the baby came out from under the mother. Luckily the trampoline was prepared below and the husband was also on guard below. The baby was caught and the couple was very enthusiastic about the baby.

Scary Story

Someone with a name Scary is sitting with his best friend in a quiet garden. He told to best friend’s that today he is dating the woman of his dreams. He has been waiting for a long time to date the woman he loves. He expressed his happiness by buying his friend a black beer, which is his best friend’s favorite drink. He also talked about beautiful things for so long that he lost track of time and turned out to be late. Finally they returned to their respective homes safely.

Ice Breaking

In an office room that was cold due to air conditioner, an interview was being held. Some of the candidates in the interview, some left the room with a happy face, and some were the opposite. Then came a strange man carrying a suitcase in. The strange man entered carrying his suitcase even though no candidate had brought such a big item. The strange man introduced himself nervously. Because of nervousness, the strange man finally opened the suitcase. Inside the suitcase turned out to be a large block of ice. He lifted the ice block and smashed it in front of the interviewer. The interviewer was shocked and confused but the strange man said. “Sorry I was nervous and finally I was ice breaking so the atmosphere wouldn’t be tense”. After that, the interview was continued and the strange man was accepted to work.

Soap Opera

A theater performance played by soap. Soap is a bachelor who lives alone in a minimalist apartment. Soap who just came home from work felt stifling due to the hot city atmosphere. Finally the soap goes to the bathroom and intends to wash up. Soap enters the bathroom and realizes that his cleaning tool has run out. Soap also said “I have to buy a human at the convenience store for my bath”.

Spit Carelessly

A smoker is smoking a cigarette while walking on the sidewalk. On the street where there are few pedestrians, he enjoys smoking freely. When the cigarette was nearly finished he felt an itchy throat and spat on the pavement. However, a strange thing happened when he spat. The saliva on the sidewalk flew to the smoker’s face. The many times he did it kept happening like that as if the sidewalk had spat at him. And the smoker turns around to make sure he’s the only one there. Then the smoker saw a warning sign on the wall. It says “Do Not Spit Into The Roads And Walls, If You Do You Will Be Responded By It. Believe They Live Too.”


An office worker who has a beautiful face is the target of her office friends. Almost all the men in the office like him. But two people managed to attract the woman’s attention. The first is that he is a technology director who is handsome, smart, friendly, and easy to get along with. And the other one is the director’s twin who has free character. One day the director’s twin confessed to the woman and was accepted. A day later the director expressed his love for the woman was also accepted. Finally the three of them got married and played the three of them.

Award Prize

A young man came onto the stage with a bright face and a very happy feeling. “Congratulations you are the winner of the patience competition” said a guide while doing a brofist with the young man. The gifts started to come out from behind the curtain and the young man was hysterical when he saw the gift. “You get 100 boxes of n95 masks,” said the award ceremony’s host.

The Fallen Angel

One day in a peaceful paradise Lucifer was walking around the garden of heaven. Michael who is not far from him followed from behind. Michael had the idea to hit Lucifer’s head and run fast. Lucifer did not take a hit on his head and he chased after Michael. And they are both involved in the chase. Lucifer who ran fast did not realize there was a small stone. He stumbled and fell into the world. Finally he is called a fallen angel and holds a grudge with the angels.

Proof of Incident

In an apartment where a beautiful widow without a child was killed is being investigated by detectives and police. They searched every item there to give clues about the killings. The detective found the flashdisk with the words “last message”. When in the office, the detective tried to find out the contents of the file. Inside the file there is an audio file. Detective directly plays the audio file without using earphones. When playing an audio file that contains sighs of pleasure that is often done by married couples at night. And the detective’s officemate immediately looked at the detective because they thought the detective was watching an adult film.