Proof of Incident

In an apartment where a beautiful widow without a child was killed is being investigated by detectives and police. They searched every item there to give clues about the killings. The detective found the flashdisk with the words “last message”. When in the office, the detective tried to find out the contents of the file. Inside the file there is an audio file. Detective directly plays the audio file without using earphones. When playing an audio file that contains sighs of pleasure that is often done by married couples at night. And the detective’s officemate immediately looked at the detective because they thought the detective was watching an adult film.

Ripped Bread

Beautiful woman sitting in a restaurant cakes and bread. The beautiful woman also called the waiter and said “I ordered ripped bread”. The waiter answered “Okay, wait, sis”. Soon the waiter came with an empty tray and approached the woman. He said “Order is ready” while putting down the tray and opening his shirt showing his stomach muscles. The woman was surprised and then bit the servant’s stomach until it bled.


A young man sitting in a restaurant is waiting for someone who will come. He plans to COD (cash on delivery) with someone he meets on the internet. Not long to wait, a young man wearing a bag on his back came and approached him. They shook hands and a young man with a bag on his back welcomed, “It’s been a long time?” Another young man answered, “A few minutes ago just arrived”. The young man with the bag asked again, “How is it, are your parents healthy?” Another young man was somewhat confused by the question because they had just met but he still answered with a cheerful face “My parents are dead”. Instantly the atmosphere became quiet and soon they both laughed together.

Tree Sap

A group of royal soldiers explore the forest in search of someone who can threaten royal sovereignty. A man suspected of threatening royal sovereignty continued to run in the middle of the forest. Until finally he had reached the edge of the forest bordering the sea. He was confused where to go so he finally decided to hide in a tree. Two days later after that incident the kingdom burned down in tragedy. Finally, royal warriors were assigned to cut down the forest because it would be used as land and wood would be made for new palace material. The man who hid for two days in a tree died because the tree where he lived was cut down by the royal army. And the soldiers became confused when one of the trees was cut down to death. Finally, everyone calls it the sap of trees which originally came from humans.


In class, there is someone who ruffles his bag and drawer like looking for something. He looked confused and agitated. He still searched and said “Where?”. The next friend asks, “What are you looking for?” While searching he asked again “Where?”. His friend resentfully asked again, “Where is what?”. He also answered while crying “My girlfriend”.


A beautiful young woman wants to take the train. He was examined by officers who wore glasses and a thermogun. He was shot with a thermogun from top to bottom of the body. The officers smiled meaningfully to the woman. Apparently the glasses are a tool to visualize what is taken from a thermogun that can see the inside of a shirt. And even the officers pants became narrow.

Embossed Letter

Two twins are always together wherever they go. But there was an accident on their way to vacation. The accident resulted in one of the children blinded by being exposed to broken glass of the car they were riding in. Her twin sister was sad to see that she was blind and could not see beautiful things anymore. Sibuta suddenly had the desire to be able to read his own reading book. Finally his brother had an idea, he blinded one of his eyes with a chemical liquid and made a letter experiment embossed. His experiments were successful, then his work was used for international letters of the blind.

Magic Carpet

Aladdin took Princess Yasmin to a dark place. There is someone who is sitting tied and covered by a carpet. Then Aladdin sang “I can show you the world” while opening the carpet and it turns out the person who was tied was Jafar. He continued to sing “Shining, Shimmering, Splendid” then set fire to Jafar who was bound. He approached Yasmin and continued her song, “Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?”. He closed Yasmin’s eyes while singing “I can open your eyes”. And opened his eyes then threw gasoline on the fire and sang “Take you wonder by wonder”. He walked to the carpet then picked it up while singing “Over sideways and under on magic carpet ride”. After that he closed Jafar who was burning with a carpet and Yasmin applause.

Curios Spirits

I longed for a perfect life. Perfect life in my opinion is very simple, to go to school, have a job, get married and have children, then rest in peace. But all of that is just wishful thinking because I’m here can only stare at people passing by and can’t touch them. I think I’m alive, but can’t do anything because I’m just a curious soul.

Beautiful Morning

On a sunny morning a young man wearing sportswear was running in a park near his home. He had been around many times there and suddenly he saw a blind man without glasses who was sitting on the bench while holding a newspaper like he was reading. Then the young man asked him “What are you doing?”. The man replied in a high voice to the young man “Don’t you see that I’m reading a newspaper?” The young man was confused and left the person.